Greg Klein LawNevada City Family Law Attorney

The Law Office of W. Gregory Klein keeps family law conversations from overheating. Our background in public defense combined with our calm mediation techniques produces excellent and fair outcomes for even the most controversial family issues. We have substantial experience representing clients in emotionally-charged family law concerns.

A familiar face in Nevada County courts, W. Gregory Klein provides professional and reliable legal services to clients with substantial assets. We assist clients as they face complicated legal crossroads. If you and your spouse are considering a divorce put the Law Office of W. Gregory Klein  to work for you.

We will work with you both in and outside the courtroom to craft long-term solutions, control your costs and minimize any disruptions to your life. Contact W. Gregory Klein today to schedule a convenient consultation.


Family Law Practice Areas:

• Divorce

• Domestic Partnership

• Custody

• Child Support

• Spousal Support (Alimony) & Attorney’s Fees

• Property Disputes/Community Property Issues

• Mediation

• Prenuptial Agreements

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