Tipping The Scales Of
Justice In Your Favor

A Drunk Driving Offense Doesn’t Have To Be Forever

Any DUI case is possibly winnable. Even yours. You owe it to yourself to secure the best legal counsel available because a DUI conviction can stay with you forever.

The Law Office of W. Gregory Klein routinely handles complex DUI cases, working to obtain the best possible outcome, and minimizing the long-term impact, all while providing knowledgeable guidance throughout the entire process. Contact us for experienced DUI defense representation.

California Penalties And Strategies For DUI Defense

Drunk driving is punished harshly in California. Even a first-time offender can be jailed for two days and pay a fine of nearly $2,000 and a conviction will lead to significantly increased insurance costs.

A first DUI offense even carries a minimum license suspension of six months. Subsequent offenses and aggravating factors can increase the penalties you face to up to 16 months in jail, more than $15,000 in fines and an extensive treatment program.

Aggravating factors in California can include excessive speeding or the age of the other people in the car. California requires alcohol assessment and treatment for all offenders.

Help For Mulitple DUIs

A third DUI offense can carry a license suspension for up to 10 years. Applications for license reinstatement must go through the California Department of Motor Vehicles. You have the right to be represented in DMV hearings by an attorney. At Law Office of W. Gregory Klein, we can help you prepare for and represent you at DMV license hearings.

W. Gregory Klein has acquired advanced accreditation for DUI cases. We will tip the scales of justice in your favor. Law enforcement is vigilant about keeping drunk drivers off the road. As a resident in the state of California, you are entitled to your rights. If your rights were violated during the traffic stop or resulting arrest, it may be possible to have your DUI charges reduced or potentially dismissed.

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