Nevada City Criminal Defense Attorney

Contact the Law Office of W. Gregory Klein to retain an experienced Nevada City criminal defense attorney. Whether you are facing drunk driving charges, sex crime charges or other charges for violent crimes, we will develop an effective defense that will make a difference for you.

The Law Office of W. Gregory Klein provides personal attention. We sit down with each client and closely reviews and discuss every single aspect of the pending case. We will use what we learn to develop the best course of action. We aggressively pursue the very best outcomes for you.

W. Gregory Klein has had significant success with high-profile controversial criminal cases, including those involved with medical marijuana and other drugs. Mr. Klein considers marijuana law a specialty and has won a number of important victories.

The Law Office of W. Gregory Klein defends all sex crimes, including rape, statutory rape, prostitution, pimping and pandering. The sex crime sentencing varies tremendously from probation to mandatory jail and prison terms. Having an attorney that is knowledgeable in this area of law matters tremendously in shaping the outcome. Defense Attorney Greg Klein understands that minimizing jail penalties and attaining possible sentencing mitigation alternatives is as important as defending your innocence.

W. Gregory Klein is the Nevada City criminal defense attorney to trust. In addition to offering superior local representation in criminal matters, we offer flexible appointments and free consultations. By contacting us, you secure a legal representative to protect your rights. Call 530-478-9095 to begin the process.

W. Gregory Klein is an active defense partner, whatever the crime. We will tip the scales of justice in your favor.

Criminal Law Practice Areas:

• Drugs

• Federal Crimes

• Firearms

• Sex Crimes

• Traffic Violations

• Violent Crimes

• White Collar Crimes

• Computer Crimes

• DUI (see our section on DUI legal defense)